Training videos

VPAT Introduction

Introduces the VPAT tool and explains about the data-sources, usage modes and best practices.

Extract Function

Introduces the Extract function in VPAT which is the process that intakes mainframe data and prepares it for use within the product.

Analyze Part 1

Demonstrates how to graph and analyze CEC and LPAR level CPU usage data.

Analyze Part 2

Demonstrates how to drill-down and navigate to Workload/Service-Class data.This video also demonstrates the AI-like CPU constraint analysis capabilities in the product.

Capacity Planning Part 1

Demonstrates how to use Annual compounded CEC Level growth and projection against multiple target CPU configurations.

Capacity Planning Part 1

Demonstrates LPAR and Workload level growth capabilities as well as projection of CPU utilization. This video also explains the concept of Deficit capacity and how to interpret and respond to this situation.

YTD and Projection

Demonstrates capabilities in VPAT to produce long-term trending data at varying percentile levels as well as graphing capabilities. The projection function allows plotting of future capacity requirements based on trended growth against multiple target CPU configurations.


This function in VPAT allows the display and analysis of LPAR and CEC configuration at specific intervals. Information provided shows processor polarization and allows manipulation of LPAR weighting to effect and understand resultant changes.


The last video in our series shows a basic use of the Simulator to create a model of specific Workloads and use that model to simulate and anticipate resultant performance on different CPU hardware and capacity.